Infinity – infinity It

Infinity – infinity It

People will at some point fall into an infinite state. An uncertainty where we will get lost in it and find ways to get out.

Does anyone know that sometimes people often fall into a state of uncertainty at any time without notice? That is when the eyes widen but look into nothingness, we are thinking like a person who lost his soul. An amorphous state where outsiders only see us as frozen.

That moment

In the meantime, we are thinking about something in our lives. Sometimes psychologically, sometimes work, but do you know what is going on around you during the time you’re standing still in that state of thinking?


At that time, everything in your eyes is blurry, you’re originally focusing on thinking and your eyes are not focusing on seeing everything around so everything is so faint. The sounds of the surrounding life are just like that. And your thinking will continue until you have finished your thinking.

No one expected it

No one doubts that while you are thinking that, someone acting on you makes you feel jerky and a little bit more standing to calm down. Who I am? Where is this? Have you ever experienced this feeling, a feeling of not knowing what you are doing and drifting through the flow of time moving forward?

A state that you feel will be familiar. That is when you take a nap in a long sleep, you feel vague and uncertain, you seem to have no thoughts and open your eyes to look straight. Tired footsteps due to the long nap. Everything became more and more stagnant.


This may be an aspect of impurity, it is not indeterminate. Uncertainty is the feeling of emptiness that you don’t know where you are going and who you are.

Infinity – infinity It.

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